High Quality Rough Top Conveyor Belt For Cement

Rough Top Conveyor Belts are designed for cement, sand, and quarry etc.

Product Details

High quality rough top conveyor belt for cement

Designed and engineered for more than 20 years ago, SHENGRUN conveyor belts are still leading within the modern industry. Equipped their installations with SHENGRUN conveyor belts to ensure the quality, reliablity and durability of their equipment.

It has been designed for: Construction, Mining, Quarrying, Material handling as well as cement, forestry, agriculture 

Fabric type: EP100 ~ EP500

Material: NR (Natural Rubber)

Belt width: max.2400mm

Carcass :2~8 fabric plies

Belt thickness: 3 ~25mm

Belt edge: Cut or moulded edge

Top cover qualities: RMA, DIN , GB, AS or on request

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