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Wire rope conveyor belt classification

- Feb 10, 2018 -

1, according to the structure points: ordinary and anti-impact, tear-resistant type.

2, according to the use of points: In addition to ordinary type, there are wear-resistant, heat-resistant, cold, acid, flame retardant, tear, flame retardant, ozone and other types.

3, Variety: It can be divided into general-purpose steel cord conveyor belt, flame retardant steel cord conveyor belt, heat-resistant steel cord conveyor belt, wear-resistant steel cord conveyor belt, cold-type steel cord conveyor belt, Acid-resistant steel cord conveyor belt, oil-resistant steel cord conveyor belt, flame retardant steel cord conveyor belt and other varieties. Strength than the average transport belt, the length is longer, can reduce the conversion point, saving power and the cost of governance. .

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